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Manifest Your Happiness

Manifest Your Happiness was founded in 2021, amidst the global pandemic, with the purpose of being a channel to help establish the energy of happiness in our world, through knowledge, services and products such as courses and sessions in Pranic Healing,  Astrology Chart and much more. We believe that when we feel happiness in small moments of our life, we become channels for this energy to "physicalize" in our body and mind, we become a point of light for the people around us and, finally, we make the world better. We hope you'll find tools here to help you "physicalize" happiness in your life!

Welcome to Manifest Your Happiness!


D. Dezotti

I am very grateful to have met Rafaela and to have had the honor of receiving the work she does with pranic healing tools. She helped me to rescue healthy habits, break addictions, identify destructive emotional patterns for my life and my essence.  Through the treatment I did with her, she modified and resonated in all areas of my life: financial, family, personal, among others. Thank you Rafa! May you continue to light up the planet and bring awareness and love to more people.

A. Campos

I am deeply grateful for the treatment I received through pranic healing sessions when I discovered thyroid cancer. Rafaela helped me from the beginning: both psychologically and physically. I left the sessions much more relaxed and confident that I would solve this problem. I had the surgery to remove the tumor and I didn't need more treatments that were thought of as radiotherapy. She even helped me in the postoperative period, which made my recovery much faster and without complications. I highly recommend the therapist Rafaela and her pranic healing sessions! Gratitude!

M. Bosqueiro

I didn't know about pranic healing and, to be honest, I didn't believe in its benefits but after I started practicing with Rafaela, I noticed significant changes in my behavior and feelings!
I noticed a lightness and tranquility on a daily basis, besides helping me to fulfill my big dream of motherhood!
I think we should be treated and healed that way… as a whole, with good energy!
I recommend to everyone!!

F. Nunes

What to say about the Pranic Healing treatments at the hands of this woman?! I think the word WONDERFUL is still not enough to explain the results obtained in a few sessions, so I'll tell you a story that exemplifies the process and how it happened.
Once we had agreed to do a treatment session for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), it was a distance session and for those who don't know, one of the great difficulties in completing tasks for a hyperactive person is that the person often thinks so much that paralyzes, lacks focus to complete simple tasks. Well, I forgot about the session that was happening and I just got up from the couch and went out doing the simple and challenging tasks. At that moment I felt the same effect that I felt when taking the medicine (very strong by the way) but without side effects. For this and for many others I thank GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and Rafaela for being this beautiful channel.

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